Cycling routes of wales

If you are thinking of taking on some of the cycling routes of wales then staying with us would be ideal. The Chepstow area allows you to tackle some of Wales’ most scenic routes. The Celtic trail running across the whole of south wales is one very popular route. There are also smaller routes in the area that can provide a fantastic challenge.

The Celtic Trail runs from Chepstow all the way to the west coast to Fishguard. It is a 220 mile route and provides you with the chance to see some of Wales’ most beautiful and varied scenery. The path has a mixture of traffic free coastal paths, riverside trails and old railway lines. With so much scenery to see it is a fantastic way to experience some of Wales’ natural beauty.

If a smaller route is what you’re after then staying with us will also work for you. With the Severn Bridge just down the road it offers a fantastic challenge. It may be a bit brisk but is well worth the trip for the fantastic views. If you want to try some of the cycling routes of wales then you should consider staying with us.

Another popular cycle route in the area is the Lon Las Cymru. This starts in Chepstow and ends in Holyhead in the north of wales. With the path being over 250 miles long it is a real challenge. But with the fantastic scenery throughout the route it is worth experiencing.

After a long day of cycling staying with us can offer you everything you need. With Chepstow being a peaceful town it is the ideal place to unwind. So if you’re thinking of tackling some of the scenic cycling routes of wales then staying with us is a must.

cycling routes of wales

cycling routes of wales