Best accommodation in Chepstow

We offer the best accommodation in Chepstow. With 11 lovely rooms that were originally 2 houses built over 200 years ago we can give you a great visit. All of our rooms are have an en-suite and have proven to be very popular with our guests. We are located right next to some of Chepstow’s main attractions. And with the town having great transport links you can see the lovely towns and cities around the area.

The town of Chepstow is known for its history. Most notably the castle that was built in the 11th century. It is a fascinating day out and even boasts the oldest castle doors in Europe. The riverbanks of the River Wye offer a peaceful venue for a relaxing afternoon. There are also many specialist craft shops in the town that are always a huge hit with visitors.

With our hotel being located right next to some of the town’s main attractions it is the ideal place to stay. And with the train station only a 5 minute walk away you can explore the nearby cities with ease. With all this to offer we can give you the best accommodation in Chepstow.

If you are thinking of going to Cardiff but don’t want the stress of staying in the city we are perfect for you. The trains and busses run regularly and both stations are just a short walk away. There are also excellent transport links with Monmouth which is another very popular tourist location.

With lovely rooms in the heart of Chepstow we can give you everything you need for a memorable stay. And with shops and restaurants just a few steps from our door you will have a stress free time. So with all this and more look no further for the best accommodation in Chepstow.

best accommodation in Chepstow

best accommodation in Chepstow